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Video timeline: The shooting of 3 Houston police officers
By Alice Chambers and Fergal Gallagher
January 28, 2022 Story from US Alice Chambers , Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Facebook 'failing' to tackle COVID-19 misinformation posted by prominent anti-vaccine group, study claims
By Fergal Gallagher
December 3, 2021 Story from Technology Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
How ABC News' Visual Verification team authenticates photos and videos from Ukraine conflict
By Fergal Gallagher
March 19, 2022 Story from International Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Conservative party accused of peddling disinformation ahead of UK election
By Fergal Gallagher
November 26, 2019 Story from International Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Facebook and Twitter launch new rules for political ads to counter misinformation
By Fergal Gallagher
May 25, 2018 Story from Politics Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Largely Roman Catholic Ireland votes 2-to-1 to repeal abortion ban
By Fergal Gallagher and Ben Gittleson
May 26, 2018 Story from International Fergal Gallagher, Ben Gittleson , ABC News
Why millions don't trust the election results, despite no evidence of widespread fraud: Experts
By Fergal Gallagher
November 22, 2020 Story from Technology Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Facebook's latest takedown has a twist -- AI-generated profile pictures
By Fergal Gallagher and Erin Calabrese
December 31, 2019 Story from US Fergal Gallagher, Erin Calabrese , ABC News
Passengers terrified after part of engine cover flies off plane during flight to Tampa
By Enjoli Francis, Alex Stone and Fergal Gallagher
November 30, 2018 Story from US Enjoli Francis, Alex Stone, Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
UK election suggests disinformation spread by politicians may be a bigger threat in 2020 than Russians or ‘deepfakes’
By Fergal Gallagher
December 28, 2019 Story from International Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
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