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When might the release from the US strategic oil reserve affect gas prices?
By Elizabeth Schulze and Catherine Thorbecke
November 23, 2021 Story from Politics Elizabeth Schulze, Catherine Thorbecke , ABC News
Biden nominates Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to 2nd term
By Molly Nagle, Elizabeth Schulze and Libby Cathey
November 22, 2021 Story from Politics Molly Nagle, Elizabeth Schulze, Libby Cathey , ABC News
'Democracy is on the line': Election officials face ongoing threats for doing their jobs
By Elizabeth Schulze, Sarah Herndon, Bobby Gehlen and Jon Schlosberg
November 20, 2021 Story from Politics Elizabeth Schulze, Sarah Herndon, Bobby Gehlen, Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
Americans getting priced out of red-hot housing market: 'It's the Wild West'
By Elizabeth Schulze and Ellen Van de Mark
April 30, 2021 Story from Politics Elizabeth Schulze, Ellen Van de Mark , ABC News
A 3rd stimulus check could be coming. Here’s what Americans did with the others
By Elizabeth Schulze
February 25, 2021 Story from Politics Elizabeth Schulze , ABC News
Millions set to lose jobless benefits as 25 states end federal programs early
By Elizabeth Schulze and Lauren Selsky
June 3, 2021 Story from Business Elizabeth Schulze, Lauren Selsky , ABC News
How the proposed billionaires' income tax would work
By Catherine Thorbecke and Elizabeth Schulze
October 27, 2021 Story from Business Catherine Thorbecke, Elizabeth Schulze , ABC News
States, cities that expected to go bankrupt from pandemic now seeing cash surplus
By Elizabeth Schulze and Erica Y King
July 22, 2021 Story from US Elizabeth Schulze, Erica Y King , ABC News
Biden administration faces increasing calls to stop companies from 'greenwashing'
By Stephanie Ebbs and Elizabeth Schulze
April 8, 2021 Story from Politics Stephanie Ebbs, Elizabeth Schulze , ABC News
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