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Member of 'Jena Six' speaks out on race and the justice system 15 years later
By Abby Cruz and Kiara Alfonseca
December 4, 2021 Story from US Abby Cruz, Kiara Alfonseca , ABC News
Man exonerated after 25 years on death row files lawsuit against city of Philadelphia
By Abby Cruz
December 2, 2021 Story from US Abby Cruz , ABC News
Len Bias' mother says family is keeping basketball star's memory alive, 35 years after his death
By Abby Cruz
November 21, 2021 Story from Sports Abby Cruz , ABC News
Latinos in sports are drawing on their heritage to inspire others
By Abby Cruz, Alan B. Goldberg and Robert Zepeda
September 18, 2021 Story from US Abby Cruz, Alan B. Goldberg, Robert Zepeda , ABC News
Philadelphia students 'scared to go to school' as gun violence escalates
By Abby Cruz and Kasim Kabbara
October 24, 2021 Story from US Abby Cruz, Kasim Kabbara , ABC News
Diaper crisis escalates amid COVID-19 pandemic
By Abby Cruz
October 13, 2021 Story from GMA Abby Cruz , ABC News
Styles P's Juices For Life aims to provide healthy choices for underserved communities
By Abby Cruz and Lakeia Brown
February 26, 2021 Story from GMA Abby Cruz, Lakeia Brown , ABC News
Hispanic Heritage Month is more than a weeks-long party
By Abby Cruz and Cristina Corujo
September 15, 2021 Story from US Abby Cruz, Cristina Corujo , ABC News
Mom of missing 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez speaks out
By Abby Cruz and Allie Yang
May 31, 2021 Story from US Abby Cruz, Allie Yang , ABC News
Crochet influencer turns hobby into fashion business, vending machine business
By Abby Cruz
December 15, 2020 Story from GMA Abby Cruz , ABC News
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