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When to introduce your baby to food allergens, according to an expert
Pediatrician Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson breaks down when and how to introduce your infant to common food allergens like peanuts, dairy, and soy.
August 25, 2022 Video from GMA ABC News
FDA sends warning letter to 3 major formula makers over quality control concerns
By Sasha Pezenik and Sony Salzman
August 31, 2023 Story from US Sasha Pezenik, Sony Salzman , ABC News
FDA confirms Adderall shortage in the US
By Sasha Pezenik, Sony Salzman and Emma Egan
October 13, 2022 Story from Health Sasha Pezenik, Sony Salzman, Emma Egan , ABC News
CDC warns about potential risk of mpox ahead of summer gatherings
By Sony Salzman and Youri Benadjaoud
May 15, 2023 Story from Health Sony Salzman, Youri Benadjaoud , ABC News
Baby formula milk companies 'exploit' parents' fears to boost sales, analysis alleges
By Mary Kekatos and Sony Salzman
February 7, 2023 Story from Health Mary Kekatos, Sony Salzman , ABC News
FDA weighs whether Lasik patients should be given extra warning about possible risks
By Sony Salzman and Haley Yamada
December 8, 2022 Story from GMA Sony Salzman, Haley Yamada , ABC News
New draft guidance drops breast cancer screening age from 50 to 40 for women with average risk
By Sony Salzman
May 9, 2023 Story from Health Sony Salzman , ABC News
Amid mental health crisis, new recommendation says adults should be screened for anxiety
By Katie Kindelan and Sony Salzman
June 20, 2023 Story from GMA Katie Kindelan, Sony Salzman , ABC News
Home births in US during early pandemic times rise to highest level in 30 years: CDC
By Sony Salzman and Morgan Winsor
November 17, 2022 Story from Health Sony Salzman, Morgan Winsor , ABC News
FDA drops blood donation restrictions specific to gay and bisexual men
By Sony Salzman
May 11, 2023 Story from Health Sony Salzman , ABC News
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