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Drivers open fire on each other in Houston street after road rage incident
December 7, 2017 Story from US BRIANA MONTALVO , ABC News
Mississippi mom says daughter, 5, lost ability to walk after tick bite
By Karma Allen and Briana Montalvo
June 11, 2018 Story from US Karma Allen, Briana Montalvo , ABC News
'We avoided a disaster': Bystander saves baby boy from car on hot day, mom arrested
By Emily Shapiro and Briana Montalvo
July 19, 2018 Story from US Emily Shapiro, Briana Montalvo , ABC News
Strongman Rodrigo Duterte switches gears to destroy luxury cars in his war on crime
By Briana Montalvo
February 6, 2018 Story from International Briana Montalvo , ABC News
Orange County Sheriff's Department defends deputy seen repeatedly punching DUI suspect in dash-cam footage
By Ezra Wolfgang and Briana Montalvo
October 21, 2018 Story from US Ezra Wolfgang, Briana Montalvo , ABC News
2 police officers shot dead in Mississippi, suspect in custody
By Anthony Rivas and Briana Montalvo
September 29, 2018 Story from US Anthony Rivas, Briana Montalvo , ABC News
Pennsylvania officer shot, killed 17-year-old boy who was fleeing at traffic stop
By Briana Montalvo, Emily Shapiro and DOMINICK PROTO
June 20, 2018 Story from US Briana Montalvo, Emily Shapiro, Dominick Proto , ABC News
Nun who threw perfect pitch before White Sox game says she was picked for 'youth' and agility
By Briana Montalvo and Kelly McCarthy
August 19, 2018 Story from US Briana Montalvo, Kelly McCarthy , ABC News
2 stranded hikers, incapacitated dog rescued with firefighter's personal drone
By Briana Montalvo and Wil Cruz
May 17, 2018 Story from US Briana Montalvo, Wil Cruz , ABC News
Violent explosion at the Philippines' most active volcano, 'hazardous' eruption expected
Briana Montalvo
January 22, 2018 Story from International Briana Montalvo , ABC News
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