Paying off debt during the pandemic

ABC News’ Faith Abubey reports on individuals who have paid off mountains of debt in the midst of the pandemic.
5:34 | 03/25/21

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Transcript for Paying off debt during the pandemic
Your finances during this ongoing pandemic as we know cove it has certainly taking. A devastating to Poland people's lives in so many ways but. One benefit is it's been good for their pocket book but for those who find their bank accounts in the red how can you turn things around. Our fate the blue bay has this report. Of the pictures on Megan burns phone she never once thought this steamy photo would become one of her most cherished snapshots we were all together for the first time sense. My grandma's memorial. March 8 to any joining. The last time they would be together before the pandemic lockdown and the last time should seek her ninety year old grandfather again. I lost my Gramm. Break for Christmas. Our at all want to be a really emotional. My grandpa got sick with Coke in hand he just never recovered. While the pandemic has been emotionally devastating. In some ways Megan also sees the blessings a year says that same picture she's now in debt for re. The covad sat down with forcing her to finally hunker down financially. Paying off thousands of dollars in credit card debt. It winds pretty surreal I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and said. Byrd and Fred Phelps of guilt and shame mark had ever lived she's in good. Company just CBS felt like I was sort of driving Morgan Hopkins capturing this moment last year when she click to send. On her final payment nearly 171000. Dollars in credit card debt. He's gone in a year it's really hard to explain until you you feel that sort of lightness. After feeling like it was impossible I honestly Balaguer was impossible and like I was never gonna get out of any of the debt. According to wallet hub even in the mists of the coded ravaged economy. Americans as a whole in 22 when he wiped off a record nearly 83 billion dollars in credit card debt. Well interesting because we have the big hate Alan Benson's 2000 books. Well it helps senior analyst Jill Gonzales achieving the remarkable feats of several factors as a whole lot less GO. A lot less places to go and spend your drinking as a right says it was actually harder to get your credit card debt jeering when he. Than previous years the three called it relief package is also adding to the extra cash flow. Leading up to 3200 dollars in direct payments in the pocket of the average American for more it was the government calls on federal student loans. Giving her broom to put the money towards paying down other debt. At one point I was paying I would close to a thousand dollars a month towards my credit card debt you paid off. It isn't really binge ranged CE. Just. How many people. Are really doing well there are flush with cash and didn't you how to decide this other group of Americans. Who hadn't been unemployed for months and months. And are just struggling to get. Dangerous Snyder. Runs Arlington trying a nonprofit helping can media members with the rent assistance. What we have learned throughout this pandemic as that this pandemic this economic crisis are not is not affecting all of us the same way. If you're a person of color if you are struggling before. The pandemic there's a more likely Chansi are struggling worse during the pandemic and I think that. That tale of haves and have nots and people who were struggling before and struggling during hasn't really come to clear. View during the pandemic and it's very stark. It's those Americans affected by the pandemic layoffs pay cuts and furloughs still walking through his the war. There's this one gentleman his family was didn't even know how much financial trouble that they were in and he came to us kind of embarrassed but. The reality was that there was nothing he could do. You never know when you're. One accident or was health crisis or one house purchase you know away from. Being in a position where you're just really financially uncomfortable and it can happen to anyone. At any time. After progress paying down her bills and unexpected expense. Adding 7000 dollars more cynical friends credit card bill last year she's gonna take us some lapses. Have chaos and then. Back on top. You know some of the other debt every dirty out on their makes harder ten to get under control. Even the record debt peel off American households still owe an average 8000 dollars on their credit cards. If I didn't Carter get out of Burris lied and didn't cheaper three steps. Away from the peach you're still an awful long way to do Americans are always going to credit card debt. Analysts were expecting an explosion of post pandemic spending to undo some of the gains. Well we American consumers you know what are your plans for after that and one independent then send that asks you know the economy. Israel and their government and so essentially we paid a dollar off the just so weak Iraq at all what baca again. Yeah yeah attributed to dig pretty deep fetal lot of our credit card debt of just so we interacted. Again and the high and the lows of this pandemic have taught meg and so much in the last year. Sifting her mind set about dead in ways C hopes dozen changed. It's really Mimi reflect on how I got into a dent in the first place and being very cautious to not live outside of my means. Street the blue they ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"ABC News’ Faith Abubey reports on individuals who have paid off mountains of debt in the midst of the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76665388","title":"Paying off debt during the pandemic","url":"/US/video/paying-off-debt-pandemic-76665388"}