Oversight board upholds Trump Facebook ban

Former President Donald Trump will remain banned on Facebook for now, the Facebook Oversight Board announced Wednesday.
6:47 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for Oversight board upholds Trump Facebook ban
We begin with breaking news from FaceBook the social media companies oversight board has decided not to allow former president trump. Back on the platform but they did leave the door open for him to be allowed back in the future. FaceBook Twitter and several other companies bands trump from their platforms after the January 6 insurrection of the capital. I want to bring in cheap business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis Ney BC's political director Rick Klein. For a little bit more on this Rebecca we didn't get this quite right in the last hour so I wanted to clarify this ruling a little bit it sounds like. This is kind of a mixed decision where on the one hand the board is saying trouble remains suspended for now. But they also criticize the open ended nature of the suspension calling it a standard list penalty so now what. Now we'll Diana in many ways it FaceBook punted this decision to this board of twenty individuals that they put together a legal scholars activists. Human rights watchers. And others a Nobel laureate among them to make a decision about the ban president the former president trump. From their platform. And now that very board that was supposed to make a decision has punted it back to FaceBook and -- you've got six months to take a look at this decision their biggest issue with that. Is the indefinite nature of the facts that. In the moment on January 7 that FaceBook rather than saying you're either banned Perrier not. FaceBook said it was an indefinite ban this is the primary issue that the board has reason they've also raised the issue that going forward. FaceBook needs to have a policy they cannot make decisions Willy Nilly about indefinite bands or kicking people off they're platform may need to be more clear going forward. And they have six months to make a decision in and really put this together to be more clear so that users fully understand. What would and would not keep them on their platform Diane. And Rick and former president trump is a huge user of social meteoric he was before he was banned so what does this mean for him going forward. Die and you cannot overstate the importance of Facebook in the Donald Trump political rise and his ability to continue to communicate with his followers all through his presidency. Eight it was really the lifeblood of this campaign I think it's fair to say he would not be president if not for FaceBook users for organizing music for fundraising use it for paid advertising and critically he used it. To get his message directly to Sony has followers who. Don't watcher don't read or don't trust many news sources that are out there and being robbed of that for these last couple months has had an impact. Although you may not see it in his overall impact in the party FaceBook and Twitter are critical to his organizing critical to his ability get his message out and I think FaceBook in particular. This staying strong because. However he'll spin and about his ability to reach his followers through other means he needed this it did this this mechanism. And if he is it not allowed back in it is going to mean he's gonna have to resurrect his full poker he wants to. Using other other means I just yesterday he launched what his team called a new online portal that would allow him to to get that message out and I'll tell you just kind of looked like a web site. I'm in fact he encouraged people on that web site to post to Twitter and FaceBook even though he is banned on those platforms is a little insight into how important they remain and I think FaceBook even Paramount above Twitter even though he's known as Twitter president. FaceBook was it was not so secret and around a secret sauce that he had for his campaigning 2016. And Rebecca it and we know that the former president was banned from several other social media platforms so. Could this decision have repercussions on some of those other platforms like Twitter. You know Diana get unlikely to have a specific repercussion although I would say in a broader sense. This entire conversation is really in the nascent stages we are looking at ten and Rick laid this out so powerfully. And with the former president used FaceBook he used Twitter he used all of these social media outlets to fund rays to. Build ideas to build awareness he uses it. To back other candidates and so as a result. We have seen the power that he's had using these platforms but really there's in powering these platforms that far exceeds what he's done with them think about things like don't scoring right now it wouldn't being yeah you could make a case. That Dylan's coined. This and crypto currency that has now hit new record highs as of today. May not have ever even had a shot if not for the fact that people talk about it on tick tock. I'm reading it everywhere else on social media and that combines a bunch of people to coalesce it's a creation. Of a wade to people com around an idea and really push something in the real world and I think we're just still in the very early stages. Of this conversation about the power of social media and exactly how these platforms should be regulated how we should be thinking of them because they have become so much larger than what they originally were thought to be in the early days. I read this also comes as the Republican Party is divided over Trump's claims about winning the election false claims about winning the election a role that he played. In the attack on the capital so how does a justice's decision affect his influence over the party in general. It's a fascinating moment Diane because even as trump has been robbed of his access a social media platforms is influenced. Inside the Republican Party is as strong as ever and the current pushed it is now back by Republican leaders in the house to to remove Liz Cheney for her number three post Indian leadership. The highest ranking woman in a very famous last name in Republican politics because she continues to maintain the truth. That Donald Trump is lying about having lost the election that she's in consists on that point she voted to impeach after January 6. And it seemed for awhile like an immediate aftermath of January 6 it was possible the Republican Party would try to dump Donald Trump. And then it looked like they would come to some kind of an agreement with people and anti trust Republicans like Liz Cheney. I just to say okay we will create disagree on this would move forward. Now it appears that that is not possible and that Liz Cheney is that now likely to lose a leadership post our Catherine falters reporting just moments ago that. President trump has been a tough for the Lisa fox a congresswoman from New York who is now being boosted by house leaders as a potential replacement for Liz Cheney he's getting involved in that leadership embrace and just moments ago he put out a statement that group repeats many of the lies that he has been telling. About the election and goes on to a tactful. Mitch McConnell and his vote former vice president Mike Pence again recycling some attacks recycling some lies and and did and falsehoods. And in this case tying the Republican Party to have more firmly than ever. Current Rebecca Jarvis and Rick Klein and just in time thank you.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"Former President Donald Trump will remain banned on Facebook for now, the Facebook Oversight Board announced Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77505550","title":"Oversight board upholds Trump Facebook ban","url":"/US/video/oversight-board-upholds-trump-facebook-ban-77505550"}