The Death of George Floyd: Day 11 recap of Derek Chauvin's trial

A recap of the key moments from the eleventh day of the murder trial.
24:41 | 04/12/21

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Transcript for The Death of George Floyd: Day 11 recap of Derek Chauvin's trial
Good evening I'm Terry Moran dale eleven in the trial Derek Shelvin for the killing of George Floyd has concluded there was a day that jurors heard from more expert witnesses but they. I also heard. From George Floyd younger brother felonious and they learned about George's life before that fateful encounter with Derek showman and the other officers last may. They saw pictures of George Floyd as a Boyd. A teenager. A college basketball player and a father. And they heard from Cologne is Floyd about his relationship with their mother. Police called to as he struggled to breathe as Derek children's need pressed down on his neck. Officers could you please for the jury. Describe. George -- relationship with his mother. No. It looks if you want to look. Oh joyous. He would always be upon our mom you big mama's boy. I cried. Joy she goes mom he will always just be on Larry you know if your mother looked solid keys but he was so unique. Powell didn't work Wheaties people who ladies usually a coma her in the fetus position Iraqis still live in the walls. I don't see him every day cannot save. Peter they period that we can't imperious that a choice and he would always say how long and he's mumbled before I come over and being around him he showed us. Like. How to treat all mom and six. George Floyd younger brother a full on its offering jurors and the country in the world a different. Picture this man. Who's in killings at the heart of this trial want to bring in criminal defense attorney Michael Corvette and excellent civil rights and criminal attorney in that gave way as well. And a I'd like to ask you both really do we have reached it seems the end of the prosecution case they're expected to rest tomorrow. How was it looked she even when we begin reviewing America. But her prosecution brought a very compelling case you know we started this case where the bystanders. Who introduced the jury to hear what they saw in the warnings are digging. There are children are on the condition of George ward. And the prosecution presented the excess excessive force experts. I think convincingly established fact that excessive force which used records show and of the quarter and our minister Bernard seconds. I think the prosecution moved on to policy should remember to keep an in this case. Is that the use of force records show was substantially all you factor in adept at George warned him that extends our cardiologists we saw all. Common knowledge as we saw a threat to ecology is or gray medical experts to establish that element. The prosecution needs to prove. That three out there won't start to work toward. What is or this criminal homicide. Our children and finally we saw there are egregiously. He saw that human rights and up to work toward at this point. The walrus scene has only seen the last night in his written I second that George Ford's life. I thought here is rather grow for a critical job. Lane bright and cheery little George Ford wasn't so persons living human being. And really humanize them are on the prairie follow the evidence they're part Frederick in the prestigious that they ended. Mean rather than go through that sometimes painful examination cross examination with use of force expert Michael. So well how does out of the defense approaches what do what do you think that the prosecution did well it is there are there any opportunities. You see for the defense here trying to raise reasonable doubt. Well I think it's going to be in very interesting. Upcoming few days. We're led jurors until the case is complete we don't have the full story which going to be interesting to see is out. Mr. Nelson in his defense is going to. Put together in front of this jury through an expert the problems he felt it was cross examination. That would expert on police force is world medical is going to be a battle of the experts. And how those questions we the jury did say that's what he was talking about me out that question. This is what the X we're told them. It does not assure them back up for the this is a very very racial occasion the prosecution. Well let's look at a little bit of the expert testimony. Today an expert cardiologist it was his first time ever testifying in court which you don't see often in big cases like this. His name doctor Jonathan riches at a cardiologist at clinician and he does a lot of writing and research on the matter as well and he tried to step jurors through how he believes. George Floyd's death came about and here is his summary of it on her question from prosecutor Jerry Blackwell. Have you informed that any opinions in this case to a reasonable degree of medical certainty passenger cars of mr. Floyd's. Yes you tell us your opinion or can. Short. In this case mr. George short Floyd died from cardiopulmonary. Arrest. It was caused by low oxygen levels. In those low oxygen levels were induced. But the prone restraint and positional asphyxiation that he was subjected to. So in other words what doctor rich was testifying to is that George Floyd's heart was starved of oxygen by that me on the neck and the other officers. Pressing George Floyd against the street and America it struck me that the medical experts that the state called the Pullman apologist. Doctor rich the cardiologist. As well as the forensic pathologist in the medical examiner say they pieced it together they didn't feel repetitive this use of force expert today felt very repetitive. But their their medical experts brought up a little. Different way of understanding what that force was doing to this man's body today a very very solid they're good testimony from the from the cardiologist. And another way another additional. A bit of information for the jurors to consider. Solitary and he remarked we're gore this important. The defense's main argument is that there were other reasons why George flow toward the art. The defense wants to create reasonable down quite cnet's award for an actor and audience is not yet met in this system had that he had a better orbit at high blood pressure. That he had argued regularly and in March are. So that thrown out all these things in order to read news moved out this very important prosecution. Regret to present these medical experts say that no the causation in this case the reason weren't George point die. It's not due to any preexisting conditions. Do you look forced it there were placed on his neck and his. And that was them the last bit of medical testimony from prosecution the jurors will hear. However that this case today was really impacted by events surrounding it outside the courtroom. The killing in nearby. The inner suburb of Brooklyn center of twenty year old Dante who write to young black men who died. In a police involved shooting after a traffic stop the officials in. Minneapolis today in Brooklyn center I should say today said it was an accidental shooting but it erupted on the streets of Brooklyn center last night. And this morning one of the for the first thing that the court took up was a motion from the defense lawyer Eric Nelson on behalf of Derek Shelton. So we got a sequester these jurors. Here here's another police involved shooting. And there's unrest in the streets because of it. And my client can't get a fair trial so we should sequester the jurors here's how judge Peter K hell handled that. And denied a motion. Sequester the jury and for additional blood here. This is a totally different case it's. If there realizes civil unrest and maybe soldiers didn't hear about them. Kick the reason why a Ian Meyer initial order I think we're and I can sequester but we might goes to an in the middle of trial BF. The concern there was that despite keep injures an animus that somebody made. Find out what is your loses and reach out to them happen in inappropriate attempt to tamper with the jury. Who have no indication that that's happened in this case is now as the concern about going to six sequestration. I understand the argument from the defense that this now puts them me even more. Clearly these. But I didn't sequestering a morally aggravate that. Can. Investors Peter Cahill denying the motion to sequester the jury limit Odom Michael Corbett and Exxon on this this is a community Minneapolis. And its environs in anguish right now. The defense says you Google my client is is going to be disadvantaged by some we have nothing to do with the in the mood the emotion around the city. And judge Cahill denying at this point the move to sequester the jury. I what do you think of that. I don't think it's over we carry you know we've received about trouser very organic. The day's events that occurred. Over the weekend and let up to today. You know jurors still go home talk to people here think that in mid day of technology bird typical. Even though the pandemic to quarantine yourself from what's going on. This could be subject comes up the match tomorrow. Somebody could have heard some danger little talk in the jury room. They will feel uncomfortable maybe what's going on bring it to the judge's attention. I don't think it's over. But I think the judge should if he wasn't going to sequester. I think there should have been some examination. As to what jurors may or may not a part. And would that have been done Indian public. No doubt that would have banned in my experience things of that nature that Duncan layup. In chambers usually outside the hearing of the public to give the jurors some dignity and there. And there are reasons or whatever is going audit and maintain the confidentiality. Got it then America wolf. Does the defense have a point here what do you think. I understand from the best point of view why they would want Sears requests the jury and the reality is these jurors are members of the Minneapolis community. Drive and end my understand is that there's the roadblocks there was futures will be arrests occurred. So these jurors and that Littman in the bubble they see what's going on. And I understand from a defense point of view why he wouldn't be concerned. What the reality is likely to lead the right position Walter Branson owner Kirk. You're at the end of the prosecution's trial. You want this case to continue and they're weeks. A conclusion. And so I think despite the fact that there isn't grass it's not really didn't shoe. Jury verdicts. In this particular case it's related to an unrelated police involved shooting and I think it's a different position and not each period alarms is he didn't. It shows how these events are impacting. The trial inside the courtroom and as Michaels has will probably be hearing more about it during the course of the week Michael Corbett annexed them back headway thanks very much for being with us. And I want to bring in our Alex for Shay in that Minneapolis right by the courthouse there Alex first Lou let's turn back to the trial the jury react to today's proceedings. Well Terry detectives late this afternoon there were signs that the jury was actually looking forward to this spark of light testimony. From Phyllis Lloyd George Boyd's brother the pool reporter noting. Dead they were all alert and seemed curious hot there are also visible reactions especially whenever. Phyllis was talking about how George. Loved to make those banana mayonnaise sandwich is got a couple smiles there. Com also one juror appeared emotional as he talked about their mother getting sick. In dying and others were seen taking copious notes and that's the point of this sparkled white testimony right to put. Me need a face behind. That that that the victim and in so I mean I begin in that respect. Hi it was it was very very. In impact bowl he saw he saw the jurors relate to that now again that's not what the state. Indeed its case on today. Com I can tell you dads this last expert we dig CE jurors taking notes still. Com but again the fourth quarter we happen that are only halfway through dozens of creating long day it was a pretty long testimony final testimony. And so you know whether or not that same attention. Now with sustained throughout the entirety of any mean wolf we'll find out shortly. Does count are grinding cross examination but they are doing their duty as you point out so let's turn now. To this situation there in Minneapolis and in Brooklyn center just north of this city. What can you tell us. About this incident where police officer shot and killed twenty year old doctor right. During a traffic stop yesterday sparking protests overnight what are they looking fort what are they looking at potentially tonight what's the latest. Well you teary we've seen as the day has progressed more and more folks that I headed to that Brooklyn center police department crowds gathering there. Hi demanding justice also the city. Has got put in a curfew for tonight which will start around 7 PM. Local title last. Into the morning about 6 AM local so morrow. Hi and also they're saying we're going to have an increase in National Guard presence Minnesota's governor. It's spoke out on this Don T Wright situation saying that Minnesota is a place where we know we can create a space for grievance is to be here. Meehan first amendment rights to be expressing you can stop people from creating crimes. He and doing destruction to property and people so again it needs it's spelled. Giving an avenue for folks to to voice their first amendment rights but they don't want to see. Some of the scene said that that we saw last night what that some of those businesses were broken into. Hi can also note that some this war seems here but while the twins and the timberwolves have all post hold their gains for today. You'll be rescheduled in the light biscotti right situation and dietary the last thing that I'll leave you it is we're actually now getting a look at what's hot line going forward. Whitney show open trial. I Judge Judy elected into today's proceedings. Saying dad he expects. That they won't finish all the evidence in the case biting into the week possibly. By Friday which would give them Friday off. He doesn't want to sequester the drew been talking about that all day whether or not certainly the defense wants that but he doesn't want to sequester the jury. Over the weekend so that means big comes one day. Final arguments could be made in game at that jury would go to sequestration. And so until. It just reach. Home stretch in this case for the jurors Alex for shame that troubled Minneapolis. Tonight thanks for being with us. Then we'll be right back. Welcome back we've been covering the trial of Derek showman and now the shooting. L another black men Donte' Wright in Minnesota yesterday president Biden spoke out about that shooting earlier today he expressed. Sympathy for the family and warning people across the nation not do what Ryan who commit violent acts in reaction to his death but insisting. That something must be done and that people have their first amendment rights to go out onto the streets joining us to discuss. In other troubled state of race and policing in America former New York police department detective and law professor Kerr broke Alter. Kirk thanks for being with us. And up first I'd like to play for you some of what we heard. From the police chief of Brooklyn center Minnesota today Tim Gannon as he tried to explain how this shooting. Unfolded from his perspective take a listen. As I watch a video and listen to the officers' commands. There's my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy there taser but instead shot mr. Wright with a single bullet. This appears to me from what I viewed in the officer's reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge. That resulted in a tragic death for mr. right. I deaths of BCA to conduct an into independent investigation into the shooting and death. Once they're completed I expect they will submit their findings independent of me the appropriate authorities appropriate attorneys they'll. Don't look and review this case. I'm also stressing that I do hope for the community to be patient and allow this investigation criminal investigation to be completed. As thoroughly as possible. I believe mr. Wright deserves this to all involved. The officer is currently on administrative leave. So carper called oh what do you think of all chief. Dead Tim Gannon there taking the extraordinary step of releasing the body cam video today and offering his explanation. For how would dodger right was shot. Well Terry I think it was very important border chief to release the body cam footage if anything a possible. Would have been helpful to release it so much earlier. I understand the need to keep that close of the vessel is speak while the investigation is in this infant stages. However given all the civil unrest and the outrage and so forth. I think transparency. Is the key for the day. The chief made a statement where he was attempting to be transparent about the large some larger questions loom here moving forward with regards to and it's always comes down to use of force. So the policy for the use of force with regards to misdemeanor arrests certainly people are not allowed to just resists arrest and go home however. What about the use of force what type of force should be use when a person is not necessarily a threat to society. And further if it is the case that when this would use arms or if the person was in their car show that's a very something please be very careful with because you end up turning. That car into a two ton. Weapon has a dangerous situation. And then finally perhaps looking at the no boots raisers ago that she didn't mention. That traditionally police officers at least in his department bay where there firearm. Won their strong side and the taser on the weak side. So will be actually the find out if did taser was deployed from this police officers strong side was it not why wouldn't someone know the difference because there is a difference in weight and balance between a handgun and a taser. Are they trained so there's still a long way to go I think the press conference was a very good start the release of the videos are very good store. But there's certainly raises questions with regards to policy. And the use of force or lesser crimes. That was. Very clear thank you let me ask you Kirk about it another aspect of this incident the policy. For the stop in the first place so pros expired tags was the original reason says that some kind of expired tags to the original reason for the stock. People appointed at the during the pandemic. Doing an ordinary Aaron like you know updating your you herb the license and registration tags that that's that's been difficult. And often. That kind of stop has been pre textual. To allow police. But to look at people they they've they might have an interest in but no particular reason to stop and often that has broken along racial lines do you think that's an issue here. Though it. It certainly is and it's not so much an issue as far as whether or not a pre textual stop is legal because certainly the Supreme Court is that it is the issue is it is. How that is used as a tactic and if it is used in a disproportionate matter with regards to people of color and it does change should be. And what is the outcropping of that's. That stop what we have seen over and over the incident in Virginia error the that the footage has come to light of that. These encounters. Can alternate under certain circumstances leads you re use of force. So a certain amount of discretion is warranted. We do have our rate vehicle regulations with regards to inspections for a reason right we don't want folks driving with vehicles that may become dangerous so I understand that. However as you mentioned we are in the midst of a pandemic. And there is so much that so many people have let go at this time not to mention you have the the trial going on end in Minnesota at this time. So perhaps no you could do that certain discretionary use of discretion considering is this the best time to make this stop over an expired. Registration or is this something perhaps that this person could have had a warning right so I can't necessarily opined on that other band that you really want police officers to consider. Whether they should act enforce certain rags at certain times. And. And we are so focus right now properly so on. Police have policies and conduct. After the killing of George Floyd this national with the international uprising with a focus on how these powers are deployed. I couldn't help but think about did doctor read what I get pulled over. As a white man for having expired tags in that instance and it's quite possible I would have put I'm getting at here is. Yet we're asking for police reform. But really the issues much deeper than that obviously right admitted there is there is still. So much work to be done. On what precedes police efforts and that is the perception of of race and dangerousness and power and in ours is I'm not even sure. You know what what can be done in it in these instances to move that ball down the field. Well in many cases and you touched on it this is larger than simply police reforms police reform is certainly an issue but. We have an issue in society great how do we view people of color how do we all think that law enforcement. Should treat people of color vs other neighborhoods our laws enforced no so often we focus on the over enforcement. Of law communities of color are quite Orton. The law is under enforce right in some instances. There is perception that communities of color don't necessarily want the same level of enforcement but there has to be a balanced but this goes far beyond policing as I mentioned that goes beat sued the hearts of what ails this country perhaps there are unresolved issues that we have never dealt went. I do believe that unless we come to terms with that we'll never truly see the police reform that your interest at best not to say to move not to move forward with that reform however it is twofold so be it goes far beyond just simply retraining re educating the police I think that's important but we need to re. Educate ourselves as Americans. We all have a lot of work to do. Former New York police department detective Kurt for caught that thanks very much for joining us. And you've been watching ABC news live complete gavel to gavel coverage of the trial of Derek -- we'll have a complete wrapup of today's events on ABC news live prime with Lindsey Davis tonight right here at 7 PM and 9 PM eastern. I'm Terry Moran thanks for joining us and have a good he. This has been a special report. From ABC news.

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