The Breakdown: President Joe Biden says GOP in midst of mini-revolution

Plus, Facebook’s ban on former President Trump is upheld, and a family separated at the border reunites for the first time under the Biden administration.
26:10 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: President Joe Biden says GOP in midst of mini-revolution
Hi everyone welcome to the break down I'm Diana stayed out. And I'm Terry Moran Facebook's oversight board upheld that company suspensions involve former president comes from their platform. After the January 6 insurrection at the capitol but the decision leaves the door open for possible return from president trump. In the future we'll break down what it all means for truck and Ford's influence over the Republican Party and the country in just a moment meanwhile president. Biden pays a visit to a local taco shop today where he touted the administration's twenty point six billion dollar restaurant revitalization. Fund. It's now accepting applications as part of the pandemic relief package he signed in March. Biden says the country is on the move again and the nation's restaurants Eric keep part of the recovery coming up we'll hear from the dean of Harvard School of Public Health. About how far the nation has to go to for the pandemic behind us and was standing in the way. And we're seeing the emotional moment mother and son were reunited for the first time in more than three years after she was deported. They're now the first family to be reunited under the Biden administration's program so. What does this mean for the more than 400. Children still waiting to find out where their parents are we'll have the latest from the white. We begin with Facebook's decision to uphold that ban on former president trump. At least for now. Were also the time of the future of the Republican Party president Biden actually spoke about that just a few minutes ago take a listen. It seems is another Republican Party. He's trying to identify what it stands for. Can be remiss. Significant. To swim mini revolution. Com I'm. I've been democratic for a long time. We've gone through periods we've had internal fights and disagreements. And forever remembered and he likes us. And so. As one of you said I'm not embarrassed by independence from the authorities. National television last night. We badly need republic apartment. We needed two party system. It's not healthy it's just. Can. I think the Republicans are. Further worry for trying to figure out. With the armed Finnish central and I thought it's. So for more on this let's bring in chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl and our political director. Rick Klein John I'll tell review first just quick reaction what do you make of president Biden's comments on this and what's your take on the state of the Republican Party right now. Follow bullies right there is a battle right now underway for the heart and soul of the Republican Party it's a battle. That pits traditional conservatives. Against those didn't believe the Donald Trump is either the leader of the party or somebody that the party needs. To succeed and right now they did the trump what line of the party is clearly dominated I think we're gonna see a vote next week we're Liz Cheney. Number three Republican. In the house and somebody. Who is under any measure a conservative Republican not thrown out of leadership. Well we're reckon wanna pick up front on what Johnson isn't and contested a little bit of doubt which is other John you've you've you mentioned that. Trump is an is dominant in the Republican Party Biden's talking alike are having some kind of civil war I can't imagine. Up straight or even a district where a non trump this candidate would win. This is the this is really trumps party. The problem may be that did that they don't accept Biden selection may not accept the next one but how do you read where where they trump. Yeah movement is inside the Republican Party. Well if there is a civil war than than video right now Donald Trump is continuing to win round after round and it may actually be over I think there's a school of thought that says. Had at trump one be viewed the argue argument about what the soul of the party should look like guys trump this. I and the fact that this is happening now at the same time that he loses access out on us semi permanent basis at least was FaceBook account speaks to the enduring appeal of trumpets and in people after January 6 thought. Well maybe it's time for the party to divorce itself from Donald Trump or maybe to some kind of the top between. President trump in the back of forces in the antitrust forces who think that he shouldn't have a role in the party's future clearly there isn't space right now and any mainstream even Republican circles for any of the traditional conservatives school thought the John as reference think. Trump isn't it is winning if it hasn't already outright one it would that the battle for what the definition of the Republican Party is. And Ricky mentioned the face that decision so I want go back to that for a second you know the then decision saying wasn't really a decision it just kept a suspension going for now. I got a kick it back to FaceBook the platform itself to decide whether trouble we banned for good or not so what does do in the meantime while he is suspended. For his possibilities of making a comeback considering how big social media was in his initial rise to power. I think it's fair to say that he would be president without FaceBook and awaited it was used in ways that work. Both subtle and overt as a fund raising and organizing tool also is just them both a means of communication with his followers. Donald Trump desperately needs FaceBook or something like get. I've he's an amount of political comeback now he's got other avenues he has other ways to get his his message out clearly the trump message. As it has permeated through the Republican Party even within the absence of his access to Twitter and FaceBook. But this is a blow to Donald Trump make no mistake he and his team wanted to stays thought they'd like to have access to FaceBook. There may still be a path back but I've given the way that they did even the president the former president has handled this news. It doesn't look like it's gonna he's gonna make it particularly easy path he is still remain many of the the mistress the outright lies that that led to his band in the first place. And that will create his band will create issues for FaceBook but let me go back to trump and Jon Karl on this so he's. Donald Trump now created his own feed on his own web site he's releasing statements I mean. It's not like he can't speak and nobody hears and there's multibillion dollar media companies that that do very little else then. Advances goals and report every award he says. Nevertheless. How does so what is his course ahead look like. Big give and this. Current ban in what is plans are. Wheelock I've talked to his eyes current dot com Graham political advisors about this and they say that they are actively exploring. Alternative social media platforms suggesting. Perhaps it could even be. A company it is see you know it it's not created by trump himself created by trump supporters. That would provide another social media platform that is a that is a tough road. That said Terry you know you you point out truths which is cultural. Is back in many ways his message is out there are just look at the way the Republican Party is responding to him. By his. You know within their and to some people were kind of making fun of this notion that he's got this this new feed on on his. On his website it looks a little bit like a blog something that Terry Moran probably had fifteen years ago. But it's you know it's it's it's it's a blog where he puts all his statements and with a simple click. IAEA a supporter can link to that statement posted on their own social media accounts of the word. Is getting out and Donald Trump is clearly sending a signal my sense is really over the past several weeks. I that he is eager to get his voice out there he's eager Bob. Above all to get revenge against those Republicans who he believes betrayed him in the in the final weeks of his presidency. And John it has in you know he's been without this digital megaphone for about four months already and as you say sell Smart he still holds great power over the party but it hasn't raised a lot of outrage. Over the issue in general his supporters say he's being censored and not just him. But other conservatives as well and now you we're looking at people on both sides supporters and critics of the president. Same admitted government should get involved tears certain do you think that this could backfire. On the big tech companies. Up. I think that this is unchartered territory in some really big fundamental issues. About our democracy in about what free speech what the First Amendment needs. In the digital age. You don't want him FaceBook is it is a private company Twitter is a private company. They you know under any traditional measure would be able to determine who co owner could not use their platform. The wind they become so important such an important way for a particularly political figures to get a message out. Is it OK for a company a corporation to decide which political figures could have access. 28 platform. This is it did did did did the primary way that many Americans get their information I mean this is. Potentially putting these companies in a position of helping determine who winds up presidential election I mean we're we're still. Three years away you know from 224. But don't trump for instance where we're run for office again. I mean isn't really okay offer for social media companies to to decide. They've got candidates not gonna get access to this very important to all of the other candidates are and what would happen and this is Donald Trump it's it's easy to. Maybe make a case for some against putting him out there what it what what is the argument war or what what do what of the same tactics were used against Bob Bernie Sanders or against us somebody on the left. Yeah I didn't mean these are tough these are thorny issues. And I'm not sure the government coming in to regulate who does or does not get a chance to get a voice that is actually consistent with the original intent of the First Amendment either. But you know that the hallways warmer having this conversation. There's because there is betting a lot of very dangerous misinformation that has been spread on these platforms we saw the impact of that on January 6. And it's a question of what do you do to combat that misinformation. And there were supposed to be platforms that brought us together and enlighten us with all the information to help to us. Doesn't the old days we thought of that map where you read through Facebook's oversight board's opinion. And it does tell us not just about FaceBook but a little bit about trump on the way he'd tried to get back on the platform. Fascinating one of the arguments that he is back hurts me to FaceBook and this oversight board. I'll was that it did trump backers the truth from backers were not involved in the riots on January 6. And that did their argument is that outside agitators were more than likely involved in organizing that of course. Those statements fly in the face of the facts that we witnessed with our own eyes on January 6 clearly trump supporters who they are clearly this was not the actions of outside agitators. I'll but he I'll be adding new mistress knew lies to the to the pile the even in trying to make the argument that he deserves to get back on. Are well Jonathan Karl Rick Klein thanks very much on this eventful day in the trump world. And then and in that world social media so tomorrow the Aspen Institute. Going to hold up panel discussion on this very issue with members of the FaceBook oversight board in their first public appearance. Since the decision so let's bring in Vivian Schiller she's the executive director of Aspen digital shall be moderating that discussion for more. On this subject and Vivian thanks for being with us good luck tomorrow but freshman just been talking body. Heard about the so. Tell us first what you what what this board he is a lot of people don't know by the FaceBook board of overseers or whatever and isn't and how they reach a decision like this. So the the FaceBook oversight board was created his wins Sunday and many many millions of dollars of funding from states are. They set up the initial co lurched base and a structure. And now this entity that is called B oversight board. Operates independently. From chase bar and though it again it has to be said that the funding came from. So the waved it was initially was that they could hear appeals. On ons from those who have their pros taking out of wanted to be reinstated. That scope has now expanded to include those complained about pro sat. Our and should be taking down. And the agreement with face on his whatever the shape or oversight board rules on those issues is finding. Ace but must comply I think it's within seven days so they stand again said Britain as an independent Borg. Judging those. As those narrow set of decisions are. Vivian do you think this decision away this whole situation was handled could impact. How other social media platforms like Twitter determine who to suspend or what speech to allow. Well yeah well Twitter certainly seems to be standing strong saying that that. The ban on trump is a lifetime ban. But without a doubt it is does have precedent will have precedent you know not just and leisure. Childhood but again the hidden face because it is a very global organization and you know only 230 million or millions of users are the United States. This is being closely watched all of the world's by other. You know what other other world leaders and influential songs about you know to see what the criteria are seen and gives it might be partners while. Well let's talk about about how we might approach the issue these are private companies but unlike book publishers. They they just have this vast vast region don't have a right. Ted Simon and Schuster publishing your book king and that's a private company they don't want to publish. You because your politics are because they don't like the way you knew you would think they they don't have it. But these are different are to there almost people compare them to public utilities like the water company the electric company especially as they consolidate. Power it's the new public square first do you think that's an accurate way for policy makers to approach it. And second what do you think a president Trump's claim and others. That they're being censored when they're being deep platforms. We'll Purcell these are private companies. Like any organization like he's open book publisher. They have the right to decide who doesn't doesn't appear. On their platform. It is not people post OJ at had a first. Amendment protection at the platforms and sell it happened the First Amendment protection to be able to make decisions what their platform as they see it. Accent. But in particular has become so large so influential in certain parts of the world that actually. Is the Internet. And so one could argue that you know I think he got as we're these arguments that it is like a public utility. Comes from that is going that would be in very dramatic set of decisions coming out of Washington in the border regulation. Our legislation. Certainly in under the white administration machines need more energy you looking at everything from antitrust reform change section G thirty which has given beat their platforms a lot of license to make decisions without regret sham and so it remains to be seen the problem is the left and the right are both CE unhappy with arms are completely different set of reasons. So I'm not sure it's gonna be so easy to curb gutter and didian and I are moderating a discussion with some of the FaceBook oversight board members tomorrow. What are you most interested in hearing from them. Well you know what's interesting about what they put out this morning is. It really what were the big surprise to me as they did that it wasn't principles decision it was really procedural. Call so what they effectively said that based on August La. We're gonna leave your ban in place. I'm reading 86 months ended that six months you need to stay so that we perceived to be broken when we seemed to be broken vase at a pair phrasing as. Your criteria for what is considered a violation is really unclear. And punishment and the remedy. Beyond that punishment. It is completely unclear it appears to last they're saying your raking aren't sharing decisions it is not and you can sobered up costs annually abdicating your responsibilities that basically and they are you fix all this you clean this you can't put those proper policies you've got six months and that they left open the door to the table and we visited that decision as it sounds but it certainly committed one way or not. There aren't executive director of Aspen digital Vivian Schiller great to have unity and thanks for your time today thanks thanks for having me. Meanwhile the Indian delegation to the G-7 summit in London is quarantining and will not be in face to face meetings after two members tested positive for -- nineteen. Officials say other delegates will not be asked to quarantine in the summit itself is not at risk. White House correspondent Mary Alice parks is in London with the latest on that hi Mary Alice. Because of this possible Covert exposure the Indian foreign minister is saying that he will not attend in person meetings here in London. As he had planned to do he will attend. Virtually slight US secretary of state blanket and the American delegation plans to go ahead with their in person work at these G-7 meetings. Here inland and even though we had a bilateral meeting between the US delegation and each Indian delegation. On Monday. You see US secretary of state standing there next to the Indian foreign minister they were wearing masks they work. Socially distant but they all sat around a table but it's those. Extra security precautions a social distancing the masks. That the State Department says help them feel confident that there was not a serious risk here that there is not a serious potential exposure. I'm remember the majority of the American delegation they did vaccinated. American steel. Pretty safe. But this is still a major blow to the conference. Overall this was the first in person conference of the G-7 foreign ministers in two years. There were hoping to set the stage. For the meetings the heads of state. In June this'll put a lot of pressure on that meeting in June where president Biden was hoping to attend Diane. I White House correspondent Mary Alice parks in London thanks Mary Alice. And joining us now is epidemiologist and the dean of Harvard School of Public Health doctor Michelle Williams thanks so much for being with us this afternoon and you're. And it's what a pick up on Mary Alice's report here that crisis in India now coming into the diplomatic circles. The the Indian G-7 delegation pulling out a face to face meetings there after this give me possible exposure to corona virus. And this comes as as the disease just continues to ravage India. Meanwhile 56% of the US adult population has received at least one dose of the vaccination what are what does that tell us what we're in which we make up. The incredible stark disparities across the world. How countries are advancing through this pandemic. Yeah the incident and the juice and reminds us that this is a universal uses a global issue we have to collectively work together. To break this brand this pandemic. Saying that the G and summit circumstance it reminds us. Now we have to use all of the public how. Procedures. To them to diminish the risk of transmission. As we try Ing game at the rule. Oh are fascinating. He's seen diplomacy I think this is an example watching what was unfolding deputies aren't and we need to really pushed around on getting more jam into the arms people around the globe the US and globally. Doctor Williams here in the US president biting yesterday announced this new goal of getting 70% of US adults at least partially backed stated. By July 4 one how doable do you think that is and how much would impact how quickly we can resume normal activities. First of all it is a whole decision to mate again you know something like a 160 million people vaccinated. By July 4 but we need to do that sends us bald. I don't think there's anything in the history. Where we have had such a massive challenge to get vaccines into the arms and people. But it is necessary we have to get to a place where we. Great the spread. And we I'll run the spread of variants similar to me is these vaccines. Really. Help us get out of this pandemic we have to do it. Now president Biden. And vice president parents have committed an awful amount of resource is to help make this real. The investment in providing resource that is for rural clinics where example will bring the vaccines. Closer to pop. Populations. That have really been you know not enough in the mainstream of the vaccine vaccine distribution so far we've got to work on has. Sentencing and that's going to mean. Improving. Education and it's going to mean. Really bringing the message down and the messenger Haston communicated effectively in those pockets where there is hesitancy and resistance. This information has to be addressed and so the investment in vaccine education. That the Biden Harris. Administration are doing is going to be well spent. But it's a big heavy question I see this as the last five mile pushed far are really getting on top of the vaccine domestically. Globally we've got to deal with making sure. That more than 10%. The country's you don't have access to vaccines the threat anywhere in the glow is a threat to all of us. And so we've got to do. Double down our efforts. And get that seemed out into low and middle income countries where the needs grade and that would include you know getting India more access to back. Scenes. A lot of work to be done yet doctor Michelle Williams dean of Harvard School of Public Health really thanks very much for being with us today questions. And when we come back after this quick break and emotional reunion this month. Hugging her son for the first time in more than three years after she was deported. Now they're the first family reunited under the Biden administration's program more than 400 children. I'm still waiting to find out where their parents are we'll have the latest on this crisis at the border. Welcome back a mother and son have been reunited by the Biden administration after being separated from more than three years due to president trumps zero tolerance policy. On immigration Sandra Ortiz was finally able to hug her son Brian at the same California port of entry. Where they were separated CCA Vega has their stories. This is a moment sounded or T sees her son Brian in person for the first time in more than three years and this is their dairy first hug. It's all happening at the very same California port of entry were they and thousands of other families just like there's. Or forcibly separated under the trump administration's policy aimed at deterring illegal immigration Sandra who fled Mexico in the face of threats from cartels. Was deported without her son. Bryant just fifteen at the time was first sent to a shelter then to live with older siblings in California. Now they are together again family members they are carrying signs saying the wait was worth it I love you. They feel like a dream late thousand. Car analysis let me just finally. I had apparently. Times they're the first family to be reunited under the Biden administration. This video taken by advocates who helped organize the reunion. In some cases it is taking years to locate these parents in Mexico and Central America. The Biden White House says the trump administration left them with little to no information about many of the families. To this day there are still more than 400 children whose parents have yet to be located Brian NAP student graduated high school a year early. He speaks fluent English now. And since that day he and his mother had just a few minutes to say goodbye being told they would never see each other again he has dreamed of this moment. I'll talk to her on the phone and everything but still. No I'm not making sure let's see her in person and being able to get her heart and every. Feel like dream yesterday candidate and I think. There are four families being reunited this week including the Ortiz family and their being granted this temporary protected status humanitarian status that will allow them to stay in the country. Legally at least for now but advocates say eighty Stanley should be given at the very least some kind of permanent status so they can permanently. Stay in this country given all the trauma that they've endured in guys as for Brian you know he wanted to enroll in college you saw that he graduated high school early he was an AP student. But he didn't have the money he couldn't afford to do college he wasn't going to get scholarships because it is documentation status at the time. So he's now working with these immigration advocacy organizations the very group. That helped to reunite his family because Diane and Terry he says what he wants to do now is help other families just like kids. Right to say Avaya at the White House certainly hope they're able to find those other families. And that doesn't for the breakdown today thanks for joining us I'm Diane Macedo. And then I'm Terry Moran we'll see if accurate at 3 PM eastern tomorrow have a great friend and. Yeah.

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