Biden delivers remarks on $28.6B restaurant relief fund

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund, which was established as part of the COVID-19 relief package, will offer grants up to $10 million to restaurants, bars, food trucks and other eateries.
5:23 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for Biden delivers remarks on $28.6B restaurant relief fund
The Pentagon kid. Restaurant owners and operators resilient creating a generous. Almost overnight John and place safety measures to protect their employees. And to protect us. They stepped up theater front line workers. The change continues. The transition to take out delivery. So they can speak Serbian people dependent. But Witten but he didn't with the changes. Many had to furlough or layoff workers door closed higher. First drivers today went from 55 employees suggests. Which before it started to bounce back. Now facts that Americans. Customers are coming back. Vaccinated our vaccination progress America record covering who's going hand in hand. As fast we want to make sure restaurants and bars and other dining establishments. Can step back. And they can come back as well. Right now. Only about a quarter of the restaurant owner we expect to return to normal operations next six months. We can do much better. With the American rescue. The restaurant revitalization thought this was called revitalization. We'll provide direct relief to restaurants. And a hearty foods which bars bakeries. Food stands from charts and caterers. Businesses that get grants can use it to cover payroll. Rent utilities and supplies. Everything they need to restore stale and into real. We are opening doors this program. For a certain restaurants all of the country can hope reversing. We start accepting that restarted certain applications on wouldn't need. Today's winds. We made it quick and easy to apply within the first two days. There are 186200. Applications. All fifty states. It's a staggering. New Orleans east. He's 600 of those applications. Can you business is owned by women. Veterans. And socially or economically disadvantaged individuals. Not applications. All the process right now looks like. We'll be able to provide help to 100000. Restaurants and other owned businesses. We've passed the American rescue plan we did that some people said it wasn't even the mystery spots proved them wrong it's patently. But a year ago when the first round paycheck protection program opened up. On the smallest firms are outdoors show her face. The law or through this of that. As soon as we processed these applications. Do. We focus first on those who were left behind. Him the reform. Conviction. Relief is distributed fair. We also set aside funds for the smallest restaurants bars from trucks and many family restaurants. That haven't gotten any help to date. We need. That way they don't have to compete above their weight class for these plants. 61. Sort of problems to report. 61007. Applications come. Come from the smaller bars and restaurants already. And I want to thank the small business ministers there is no good. For the work she and her team are doing to make sure we get help quickly and fairly of the businesses in these problems. As I said. I've spoken to dozens of restaurants arms about the challenges you face. And it also received letters from people who want to tell me about restaurant owners and their communities. Or C one man last week look out for a pair of local restaurant. We described as quote the hardest working people a government. In other letters from wound. Want to tell me about how important the couple ran a restaurant. In her town near her books she said there are quote the strong consistent foundation. Of our community. And to quote. Whether it's our time here our sense of community. Regarding restaurants play a big Roland Emmerich. We want our economy to recover the way it deals everyone who terrorist tribes need to season and table no pun intended. That's what we're giving. That's that this program is about season details. This is another example of how we're putting the American rescue plan to work quickly and effectively. And showing the American people that their government. Can't deliver kid who are from me and do without waste. Every kid vaccinated this nation. We can't get our kids safely back to school. And we can't get our economy back on track by helping hundreds of thousands of small businesses reopened and stale. We can give people this nation for any chance. That's is all about. I'm much to all and may god protect our troops from.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"The Restaurant Revitalization Fund, which was established as part of the COVID-19 relief package, will offer grants up to $10 million to restaurants, bars, food trucks and other eateries.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77513001","title":"Biden delivers remarks on $28.6B restaurant relief fund","url":"/US/video/biden-delivers-remarks-286b-restaurant-relief-fund-77513001"}