President Biden sets goal to vaccinate 70% of Americans by Fourth of July

President Joe Biden calls for a new phase in the effort to vaccinate the nation, concentrating on making doses more convenient to access.
8:56 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for President Biden sets goal to vaccinate 70% of Americans by Fourth of July
Earlier we spoke with our virtual roundtable on Biden's address and this new phase for vaccinations. To sail star accused president Biden just set this new goal for 70% of US adults to have at least one vaccine dose. By July 4 right now were roughly 56%. And he just announced it a few initiatives to try to get there it sounds like convenience here the White House thank ciskei. I hate convenience definitely add Diane but I think what the White House is doing right now is actually making a bit of an acknowledgment as hard and difficult. As these last few months were in ramping up in in for structured entire system to vaccinated this country that perhaps even what stick com is going to be even more challenging when it comes to convincing. Those holdouts and and there are still many who have not been vaccinated. To actually get the shots of the president is saying their cars and a shift in strategy here that they are. Taking a ladies mass vaccination centers that we've all seen any of us have gone to to get those vaccines in the early stages when they were being administered. And other folk focusing on a more homed in approach that they're going to focus on rural areas folks who've had trouble accessing the vaccine because they live so far away from places. There are targeting people who've had trouble taking off work. To get them to make appointments so that pharmacies like your local CBS senior Walgreens they he'll now just be able to walk in and get a vaccine you can put your zip code in. On a website and find where the accesses. And then really really concentrating on those vaccine has attend folks those folks who are still skeptical. About the efficacy. About just getting this vaccine in general we know that about 40% of adults are fully vaccinated in this country right now but there's polling that shows a significant portion of people. Are still not getting vaccinated and that's what the White House is trying to target right now they say they're gonna bring in people. Hopefully who can convince them they're talking about local pastors local doctors the administration is admitting. They know that there is just a population of people that no matter what president Biden says no matter what doctor fact he says. That they are not going to be able to convince so they're calling and essentially the bench now to comment and try to do some of the heavy lifting in convince these folks. Get these shots and actor Brownstein I know part of of that attempt to make these vaccines as accessible as possible is this web site which you actually. Helped to found in creates a can you tell a little bit about how it works. Yeah. That's pretty straightforward essentially beat all the information about. Your ability. She crossed that usually Wear. East where local and the nation's. Or she. Essentially. Are wet and start. Our art or be moved to the west side there's really. Are written are all of you already are leaking as being asked what we're seeing here are. Now we'll also watch. Your code you get. And look each year to get back and wrist watch. This is that what are. Already here. Years and then you can walk and get our all of it would be we're only getting as many people in the. And Rick let me ask you white house Press Secretary Jen Saki today. She dodged questions little bit on the administration's goals when it comes to reaching that herd immunity level. After doctor prosecution to downplay its importance in a call governors. So what is the strategy is the goal here do that is the goal the administration to the United States to reach herd immunity in this. Well. Here's the problem Terry is that in what by telling people that doubt that herd immunity is not. Achievable by scientific measures the concern is expressed by some governors as recently as today is. You're telling people out about a vaccine yet nevermind it doesn't really matter we're gonna get this done without you so that's one of the many mixed messaging is betting that that are out there. Another one that they're grappling with at the White House is what to do just in public with Joseph Biden wearing masks he's been criticized by some people saying he's hitting the wrong message by wearing a mask that people should know that life can get on again and I think so key now initiates a strategy from we want people to go to the big site too we're going to bring the vaccine to you to we're gonna make it. Possible for you to just register via your phone or via a portal and a website and go someplace that's just down the street as opposed to having to drive someplace downtown. That it needs is that he its acknowledgment of how difficult it is to get this next. Segment of people on board and to the point about herd immunity would ever said about topics like this by people like Joseph Biden by people like doctor bouncy. The people that need to be reach now are among those who were least likely to be listening to anything that Biden and vouching government scientists generally have to say that's what makes this phase so difficult knowing that. I every little every additional dose you're getting right now is someone who just. By definition now is going to be harder reach and maybe a little more skeptical. About whether the vaccine is absolute necessity. And says silly I think the president opened a window into. The White House discussion of one of most important issues right now for the world which is. And those. Vaccine patents. That American companies hold which make getting vaccines. To all around the world very expensive and the progressive wing of the democratic parties calling on the White House it. And the very least loosen some of those intellectual property patent. Were restrictions waiver. Then so that these countries can get access to the vaccine much more cheaply I'm. I'm put in mind of our history the polio vaccine which was distributed from the United States around the world. How do you read what president Biden is doing on this critical issue. Of getting the vaccine to poor countries around the world by turned it telling American drug companies you don't have take less money. Yes how old Terry unfortunately we don't have a read and that's a headline in and of itself because as you say that calls. By his own party not too far from this building here it down and congress. Are growing louder by the day from progressives who say we half to encourage. These drug companies to release these patents. And allow some of these countries where we are seeing these dire images like India right now. To not only have access to the patents but to have access to the drug makers the farthest the scientists who work. In those labs building these vaccines to show them how to make the drug has not just and an issue of handing over the formula so to speak it's show them how upset. To build these but the White House isn't shedding any light right now you heard the president he was asked there taking a few questions actually after he spoke what he would. What his thoughts were on that he wouldn't say so certainly those are conversations that are being hacked right here there there and it in a top position because the White House has worked with. Some of these drug companies to get these vaccines. Out more quickly they have had you know purchasing deals in fact with them so. The White House isn't a bit of a rock and a hard place and whether tend to move forward and push for them to open up their books so to speak and show these vaccines but you didn't hear him say 10%. Of what we have so far is going to other nations this is something that they are very conscious. But it is nonetheless something that they are open to criticism from from those in their own party that at raising the question. Are we as the wealthiest nation doing enough to use to help these impoverished countries like India or just in big terrible situations right now. And actor Brownstein back here at home all while we look at situations like India. And try to figure out how to help we also look at our own situation here and a lot of people are wondering what will it take. For us to get back to it. Normal. We heard Biden announced that new goal of 70% of Americans at least partially vaccinated is that enough. Yeah. Good question I think 7% like me to be starkest yes oh Ali oh and I know this is our word. Our. Underlie it. Edu and Libya started to really open borders are our. Signals are. 170%. A lot lot of the tarnished art didn't. I doubt it will. Person EUR. She got her in and so we. Are you warm armor actually. We'll be rural communities. We need you. Birch and we're worried about the issue needs needs. How sorry that you or that. Reading. Or parents and you know we don't want additional transmission. Appearance and you shall bring. It. And this is a question about nor herd immunity and whether even achievable but do. We just strategy is being rob roll is it didn't get it and its new negro army you sense. I ignored are our war in fort won't be much more normal than me how last year. And I certainly hope so Cecilia Vega Rick Klein and doctor John Brownstein great to have enough thank you.

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{"duration":"8:56","description":"President Joe Biden calls for a new phase in the effort to vaccinate the nation, concentrating on making doses more convenient to access.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77493121","title":"President Biden sets goal to vaccinate 70% of Americans by Fourth of July","url":"/Politics/video/president-biden-sets-goal-vaccinate-70-americans-fourth-77493121"}