Teen Vogue's evolution from fashion magazine to social movement

Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue's youngest and first black editor-in-chief in its history, is getting a lot of credit for the digital magazine's success.
7:27 | 01/03/18

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Transcript for Teen Vogue's evolution from fashion magazine to social movement
You might think this hip young crowd is gearing up for a concert. Or to meet a hot YouTube star. But guess again. These folks are all about changing the world and the first ever teen vogue summit. It's a gathering of game changers. So inspirational. From CEO's -- You feel that you're helping someone and you are. To celebrities -- Such a powerful movement happening with women. I didn't know what was going on in the world. I didn't know there was racism. To ordinary teens fighting for social justice. I'm really excited. We're really passionate about making a difference. Like 19-year-old Nadia, a sophomore who is a warrior in the fight for women's rights. Regardless of your back ground, every woman deserves to feel clean and capable and confident. 19-year-old hunter fought against North Carolina's bathroom bill. I joined the lawsuit as a plaintiff along with others to represent who was being affected. Team vogue is forming to be a powerhouse incubate or. It puts them in front of other young people. Social activism may be the last thing would you expect from teen vogue. Over the years we've realize that had our mission was to become more of an inclusive community. That speaks to every kind of young person. Once a junior fashion bible geared toward brand conscious teens, teen vogue is evolving on issues such as immigration, the Muslim ban and climate change. Even taking on president trump. Teen vogue has been changing the narrative and pushing the envelope and covering news in politics, and social justice issues for, I would say, the last year and a half to two years. Teen vogue's shift to social activism quhoms female empowerment is at an all time high. It has meant huge growth, garnering 10 million page views and 12 million social media followers. Most recently it weigh in the on the me too movement. Actress Ashley Judd making a video column about her experience. He had a reputation. Let's put that it way. And giving advice to young girls. If it is feels wrong, it is wrong. Judd is more than one of 300 in Hollywood leading the initiative to fight sexual harassment and gender disparity. The initiative raising more than $14 million for working class women to seek justice. How many creators do we have in here? Yes. I love you, girl. 31-year-old Elaine is getting a lot of the credit for teen vogue's success, as the magazine's youngest and first ever black editor-in-chief. Finish the sense for me. It has become a politically active, curious, ambitious young people who crave the truth, who aren't afraid to speak truth, and I think we spoke to a certain mindset. And it is about inspiring people who are Progressive thinkers, who want to see change, and so that could mean a 59-year-old white man. Could it mean Dan rather who retweets us all the time. Dan rather retweets teen vogue? He does. This is where the magic happens. Of course, it's still a fashion magazine. A little like the devil wears Prada. I may wear Prada once in a while. And teen vogue remains the destination for young women looking for advice health, beauty and sex. Some wonder whether it could be too edgy. You've talked about all kinds of hot button issues. Do you ever fear that you're going too far? We don't. I think teen vogue here as truth tellers. We are here to be a resource to an audience that may not get this information anywhere else. Anysense, teen vogue has seized the moment tapping in to what matters to generation Z. Post millennial who's are less selfie driven and more civic minded. So excited. Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton guest edited the latest issue and headlined that summit. If you look at what just happened in the Virginia elections, the turnout of young voters! Made a huge difference! You talk about a lot of different issues, activism, feminism. Does that put teen vogue in the position of being a liberal magazine? We consider ourselves to be about the issues for our audience. Would you say a pro trump supporter? We have. Online. We have. It's the blunt political commentary criticizing president trump, suggesting that he manipulated the American electorate that has gotten the most notice. Even by the likes of Fox News. I'm trying to get to what you're writing about trump anding and the psychological abuse. A woman can love Arianna grande and her thigh high boots. I read knew teen vogue. The interesting thing about trump's gas lighting America piece is that tone alley, it was so hard. It was so, it so captured what so many wrthing and I don't think that people expected that kind of journalism to come from a place like teen vogue. Recently teen vogue announce that had it is folding its quarterly print edition, focusing on its digital brand. Leading some to wonder -- she may soon be invigorating another publication. This is so surreal. Back at the teen vogue summit. Hi. I'm Riley. I'm passionate about beer aware of mental illness. They're making newfound friends. I'll also Riley and I'm also from Seattle. I'm interested in women in business and changing the world. All part of a generation striving to make a difference. ? Teen vogue is so much more than just a magazine. So much more than just a website. So much more than just social. It is about the audience. We'll continue to innovate and find ways to reach the audience in meaningful ways. New York.

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{"duration":"7:27","description":"Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue's youngest and first black editor-in-chief in its history, is getting a lot of credit for the digital magazine's success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"52109992","title":"Teen Vogue's evolution from fashion magazine to social movement","url":"/Nightline/video/teen-vogues-evolution-fashion-magazine-social-movement-52109992"}