India’s COVID-19 emergency a global reminder as cases decline in US

A threat anywhere on the globe is a threat to all of us, said the dean of Harvard’s school of public health.
3:51 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for India’s COVID-19 emergency a global reminder as cases decline in US
And joining us now is epidemiologist and the dean of Harvard School of Public Health doctor Michelle Williams thanks so much for being with us this afternoon Indian. And it's want to pick up on Mary Alice's report here that crisis in India now coming into the diplomatic circles. The the Indian G-7 delegation pulling out a face to face meetings there after crews give me possible exposure to corona virus. And this comes as as the disease just continues to ravage India. Meanwhile 56% of the US adult population has received at least one dose of the vaccination what are what does that tell us whoa and which we make up. The incredible stark disparities across the world. How countries are advancing through this pandemic. Yeah the incident energy and reminds us that this is a universal news is a global issue we have to collectively work together. To break the string and this endeavor and I also think that the G and summit circumstance it reminds us. Now we have to use all public howl. Procedures. To them didn't diminish the risk of transmission. As he tried in Dan at the school. Open up fascinating. He's seen diplomacy I think this is an example watching what was unfolding deputies aren't and we need to really pushed around one getting more channels into the arms people around the globe the US and globally. Doctor Williams here in the US president biting yesterday announced this new goal of getting 70% of US adults at least partially vaccinated. By July 4 one how doable do you think that is and how much would impact how quickly we can resume normal activities. First of all it is a whole decision to mates again you know something like a 160 million people vaccinated. I'm by July 4 but we need to do that sends us bald. I don't think there's anything in the history. Where we have had such a massive challenge to get vaccines into the arms of people. But it is necessary we have to get to a place where we grade the spread. And we hour run the spread of variants sent to me is these vaccines. Really. Help us get out of this pandemic we have to do it now. President Biden. And vice president parents have committed an awful amount of resources to help make this real. The investment and providing resources for rural clinics where example will bring the vaccines. Closer to pile. Populations. That have really bin. You know not enough in that the mainstream of the vaccine vaccine distribution so far we've got to work on hesitancy and that's going to mean. Improving. Education and it's going to mean. Really bringing the message down and the messenger Haston communicated effectively in those pockets where there is hesitancy and resistance. This information has to be addressed in so the investment in vaccine education. That the Biden Harris. Administration are doing is going to be well spent. But it's a big heavy push I see this as the last five mile push bar are really getting on top of the vaccine domestically. Globally we've got to deal with making sure. That more than 10%. Of the country's you know have access to vaccines. The threat anywhere in the glow is a threat to all of us and so we've got to do. Double down our efforts. And get vaccines Howard into low and middle income countries where the needs great and that would include you know getting India more assets to back. Scenes. A lot of work to be done yet doctor Michelle Williams dean of Harvard School of Public Health critic thanks very much for being with us today Pletcher.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"A threat anywhere on the globe is a threat to all of us, said the dean of Harvard’s school of public health.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77515671","title":"India’s COVID-19 emergency a global reminder as cases decline in US","url":"/Health/video/indias-covid-19-emergency-global-reminder-cases-decline-77515671"}