Biden visits vaccination site in Texas as House votes on COVID relief bill

The House voted to pass a nearly $2 trillion-dollar stimulus package.
2:50 | 02/27/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden visits vaccination site in Texas as House votes on COVID relief bill
A financial relief for millions of Americans is one step closer. The house voting early this morning to pass a nearly $2 trillion stimulus package. ABC's Maryalice parks is at the white house with the latest. Good morning to you, Maryalice. Reporter: Good morning, Eva. Yeah, Democrats feeling good. They cleared this hurdle in the house but president Biden still facing steep opposition from Republicans. Overnight Republicans voting all together against this bill. In fact, in the house two Democrats voted against it as well. President Biden one step closer to his first major legislative win. The bill is passed. Reporter: The house overnight passing his $1.9 trillion recovery package. That bill and the vaccine rollout his primary focus since taking office. The president telling univision -- We're focusing on communities that have been left behind. Reporter: Lawmakers up against an urgent deadline, unemployment benefits for millions of Americans still out of work with this pandemic set to expire on March 14th. The bill would extend and expand those unemployment benefits, send most Americans a one-time $1,400 stimulus check and direct billions to states for vaccines, testing and schools. Across the country many states unwilling to wait for Washington. Governors on both sides of the aisle signing their own relief packages. In Baltimore, Katrina Garrett, a single mom with three kids and a part-time job telling us a stimulus check from the state of Maryland was a huge relief. I have rent, car note, cell phone bills. It's a mess, and I have a toddler so that's Pampers, wipes whatever he may need. I have teenagers, so it's not easy. Reporter: In Texas president Biden offering his support to residents there dealing with compounding crises. The pandemic, storms and power outages. More than 500,000 in the state still under boil water notices going into this weekend. The president touring a brand-new vaccination site on the ground. A team effort between the state and federal governments with the ability to administer up to 6,000 shots a day. We're not giving shots to Democrats or Republicans. I say it again, we're giving shots to Americans. Reporter: This budget bill now heads to the senate where Democrats can get it done without Republican support if they stick together. President Biden will speak about this bill here at the white house later this morning. Dan? A lot going on on this front. A quick moment on a personal note to welcome you, Maryalice to our team. You're our new white house correspondent. So everybody knows, you're a true ace. You used to be the deputy director of our political department in Washington, D.C. And Eva, whit and I really do want to extend a warm welcome. Watch out for whit. He's tricky, but the rest of us -- She already knows that. Great to have you. Reporter: Thank you. I'm excited. You do a great job. We're excited to work with you going forward.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"The House voted to pass a nearly $2 trillion-dollar stimulus package.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76152011","title":"Biden visits vaccination site in Texas as House votes on COVID relief bill","url":"/GMA/News/video/biden-visits-vaccination-site-texas-house-votes-covid-76152011"}