‘Duck Dynasty’ stars talk about their new show

Sadie, Willie and Korie Robertson dish on their new Facebook Watch series where they address hot topic conversations in the hope to bridge the nation’s cultural divide.
3:31 | 04/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Duck Dynasty’ stars talk about their new show
to the small screen, you may remember them from their wild and crazy days on the hit reality series "Duck dynasty." Well, now, they're changing things up with their new show on Facebook watch called "At home with the robertsons." Take a look. I was supposed to do a no makeup photo shoot and I was so excited, it would be so awesome and show girls this is what I really look like and all this stuff and I got there and the photographer said, she doesn't really have the face for no makeup, call in a makeup team, and they did, and they put makeup on me, and the whole day, I was just crushed. Because I was like what do you - mean I don't have the face? From the Robertson family, please welcome Willie, korie and Sadie. Thank you for being with us. And I want to ask you this, because obviously everyone knows you, they love you from "Duck dynasty," that was, you ended four years ago, right, you wrapped up four years ago, so why now, Willie? Why did you want to do this now? Well, we wanted do something positive. We've been, we looked at some shows and wanted to get back in, I guess, and this seemed like a real positive way for us to do it. We've seen a lot of yelling and arguing in our country, so we thought why don't we invite people into our homes and just have a conversation, let's have a conversation and maybe we can lp build some bridges. Speaking to that, you don't shy away from tough subjects. You talk about everything including racism, the racial reckoning we've seen in this country this past year. And you're having these conversations with your kids. Korie, what will people see? What will people learn, hearing your family? Well, I think, you know, when you dive into a subject like racism, that is difficult and honestly it's scary to talk about, because you might say something wrong and this world we're living in right now it seems like everyone is so eager and easy to cancel somebody, but these are things that are personal to our family, it's something that we've gone through, and so I think whenever you speak from the heart and you talk about what you go through, and you share your experiences, I think, you know, it opens people up to listening and that's what we've done on the show, you know, people come in and we've just sat down and had a conversation, and sometimes that can seem a little like, whoa, that's crazy in this world, but it's really not crazy, it's really just sitting around a table and talking and listening and hearing what someone else has to say. I love that talking and listening and having those uncomfortable conversations. They're hard enough when it's within your own family, but I'm curious, Sadie, what's it like with your parents and then doing it in front of a national, perhaps international audience. What has that been like for you as a young woman? Yeah, so I think, what'd you say, doing it in front of a national audience, I think it has been really good, because, you know, for our family, these are just conversations that we're having anyways, having in our home, and a lot of times in social media you can't really put the whole message out there and you can only say so much and people will nitpick it, but for us, getting to have cameras in our house and to have a heart to heart with our family, it's been a great way to maybe hopefully set an example for people, and what it looks like as my mom said to sit at the table and have hard conversations, and have some of those but also have fun at the same time. Thank you all for being with us. We appreciate it. We want to let everyone know "At home with the robertsons" is available now on Facebook watch, new episodes every Monday and Thursday. Willie, korie, Sadie, thank you all. We really appreciate your time today.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Sadie, Willie and Korie Robertson dish on their new Facebook Watch series where they address hot topic conversations in the hope to bridge the nation’s cultural divide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77022430","title":"‘Duck Dynasty’ stars talk about their new show","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/duck-dynasty-stars-talk-show-77022430"}