Beekeeper’s viral videos create big buzz

Texas beekeeper Erika Thompson posted a video showing how she scoops bees up with her hands.
4:28 | 04/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beekeeper’s viral videos create big buzz
Our next guest recently posted a viral video that's been getting a lot of buzz online. Over 74 million views on tiktok to be exact. Take a look. Bees have been in this backyard shed for at least two years. The lard -- landlord wanted to call the exterminator but the family who lived here wanted to save the bees so they called me. When I lifted up the floor I found a huge HIV, the hive was so big, I had to remove another section of floor to access the entire thing. Then I started removing the live. Whatever I removed from the original hive went right into the new ones so the bees could have everything they needed to after I removed all of the combs I started scooping bees into the new hive. As soon as I put the bees by the new hive, they marched right in. That was professional beekeeper Erika Thompson of Texas beekworks, and helping save bees for the past ten years and here to tell us all about it, Erika, I watched that video with my jaw dropped because you're there scooping up bees with your bare hands you have no protective gear and you say this is just an average day for you, how is it that you don't have the beekeeper suit on, the gloves, the things we usually are used to seeing with professional beekeepers? Sure, while I always wear protective gear when I need to and that was just one case where the bees let me work alongside them without wearing any gear at all. But in general, most bees, most honeybees, you know, they don't want to sting you, and the beekeeper suit, it's pretty big and bulky and it helps you and prevents you from getting stung, but in particular those gloves, you lose a lot of dexterity which is really important when working with such tiny creatures. When you say you wear protective gear when you need to, how do you know when you need to? I would think by the time you realized when you need to, maybe it was too late. I've been doing this for a lng time, and I learned to read the bee's behavior. Bees are like other creatures. They will send you signs and signals to let you know how they're feeling, so just like a dog who might tuck their tail or put their ears back or growl, bees will send you signs to let you know they feel threatened and let you know they mighbe a little more aggressive. Wow, I mean really impressive. How did you get into this line of work in the first place? My entire life, I've just loved animals, and growing up my heroes were Jane Goodall and women who were studying animals and conservation, and I wanted to be just like them so I would do school projects on them, I would dress up as them, and I would go into my backyard and collect bugs and try to study try to study them, so them, so really, this life-long love of bugs, led me to take a bee keeping class about ten years ago, and I started with one hive in my backyard, and now I'm a full-time professional beekeeper. Wow. Well, speaking of love, I know congratulations are in order, you just got married last October, and being the beekeeper you are, I don't know if this is a coincidence, if this was a choice, but I understand you met your husband on bumble? That's right, yes. Actually, we were each other's first and only bumble dates. We are incredibly lucky. It's wonderful. And I understand that you actually spent your honeymoon helping out someone we all know pretty well, a famous singer/songwriter with his bee removal. You want to tell us about that? That's right. I received a message from superstar Jason derulo and he said that he had some bees on his property that he needed to have removed, and he was very concerned about the safety and the health and wellness of the colony, and so he asked if I could come remove them and I said I would love to, but I'm getting married next week, so I can't, but I got married on a Saturday, and that Monday, my wonderful husband and I hopped in our camper van and drove straight to California to Jason derulo's house to help him with the bees. Well, you know, I may need your help, too. My husband has been trying to become a beekeeper. He's not been very successful but we have two more, I think, colonies or hives coming in may so I might be giving you a call. He definitely wears the protective gear though. Sounds great. Everyone should, and please, if you have any questions and best wishes to you and your bees. Thank you so much, Erika. So impressive. We appreciate your time today. Thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Texas beekeeper Erika Thompson posted a video showing how she scoops bees up with her hands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77022499","title":"Beekeeper’s viral videos create big buzz","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/beekeepers-viral-videos-create-big-buzz-77022499"}